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Accepts e-Cert on Smart ID Card login

Starting from August 2003, the HKSAR government began to rollout the Hong Kong Smart Identity (ID) card to the general public to replace current ID cards. During Smart ID applications, residents can opt for a HongKong Post e-Cert embedded in the Smart ID at no cost in the first year. Hongkong Post e-Cert can be used for a wide array of public and commercial purposes such as e-government services, online entertainment, stock trading and payment, as well as e-banking services. To support the development of Smart ID and to enable our customers to enjoy a secure and reliable e-banking service, Dah Sing Bank has introduced its e-Cert on Smart ID login e-banking Service for Personal Banking customers.


From 01 April 2007, you can enjoy handling fee waiver for payments with Dah Sing Credit Card through “Pay Easy” Online Bill Payment Service.

i) For payments with Dah Sing Credit Card / Debit Card to the following merchants handling fee waiver cannot be offered:
  • Banking & Credit Card Services
  • Credit Services
  • Securities and Investment
  • The Hong Kong Jockey Club
  • Travelex Hong Kong Ltd
ii) Scheduled instructions will be entitled to handling fee waiver when the transaction is successfully executed within the promotion period.
iii) In case of a dispute arising out of this promotion, the decision of Dah Sing Bank shall be final.

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e-banking Service two-factor authentication
Apply digital certificate


Why login e-banking Service with digital certificate?

Digital Certificate certified by a HKSAR Government recognized Certificate Authority, applies the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). It is legally bound by the Electronic Transaction Ordinance (ETO). Digital Certificate can serve as an "Online Identity Card" in an electronic transaction, and it can prove the identity of both the Bank and the customer at online banking transactions. With digital certificate, you can ensure your online banking transactions at a secure and reliable environment.

You can use Digital Certificate issued by the following Certificate Authorities:

Certificate Authority Storage Media
HongKong Post Smart ID Card, Diskette, i-Key, other Smart Card and USB Token
DigiSign Diskette, Smart Card, USB Token

Login Method
User ID

You can access the e-banking service simply by entering your e-banking User ID and Personal Identification Number (PIN).
If you have forgotten the User ID or PIN, please click here.

Digital Certificate

A digital certificate brings you extra security and protects you from unauthorized access to your account(s). You can login the e-banking Service using a digital certificate on diskette, Smart ID card or any other storage media.

For more details, please refer to FAQ - Login with Digital Certificate.

Service Scopes:
Balance & Recent Transaction Enquiry PayEasy Service
Fund Transfer e-Deposit
e-Statement Service Credit Card Services
Investment Fund Service Fixed Deposit
i-Securities Services Update User Profile
Buy & Sell Foreign Currency Others
Fund Transfer to Other Bank
  With Dah Sing e-banking Service, you can transfer funds from your Dah Sing Bank accounts to Other Local Banks via our and Service.
Transfer FREE
Transfer Express
Service Nature We will handle your request by transferring funds via Electronic Clearing Service We will handle your request by transferring funds via CHATS.
Turnaround Time Normally, the fund will be available 2 clearing days after the transaction day. Normally, the fund will be available on the transaction day whenever the request is made before the cut-off time.
Service Charge
FREE of Charge
  You can place a Fund Transfer Instruction 45 calendar days in advance or make a 6-month consecutive scheduled transfer on a designated date of each month .
e-Deposit Service

Make deposit transaction online at your fingertips. Now, being a Dah Sing e-banking Service user, you can initiate to transfer money from your accounts in any other banks in Hong Kong to your Dah Sing Bank accounts. You even need not to be an Internet Banking user of the other bank. Simply place your instruction at Dah Sing e-Banking Service and we will take care of the transfer for you. In short, you can enjoy round-the-clock convenient deposit service and even make deposit at mid-night. What's more, the e-Deposit Service is free of charge.

Take for an example, your payroll account is in Bank A. You can simply login Dah Sing e-Banking Service, place instruction to draw funds from your account in Bank A and the transferred funds will be available at your account in Dah Sing Bank in 4-5 working days. You can then debit your Dah Sing Bank account to make bill payment to over 200 merchants, including water, electricity, towngas, telephone bills or credit card payment via our convenient, one-stop "PayEasy" Bill Payment.

Click here to view the Demo

Recent Transactions Enquiry
  Now you can view the recent transaction history of your bank accounts as well as Credit Card, Debit Card & Cash Card, offering extra financial convenience and flexibility.
Balance Enquiry
Account Summary Listing
Account Details
Fund Transfer
Fund Transfer between Dah Sing Bank Accounts
Fund Transfer to 3rd Parties Accounts at Dah Sing Bank
e-Statement Service

View the monthly Statements Online

i-Account Save & Check
Credit Card
IN-MONEY REvolving Loan
Virtual Cash
PayEasy Internet Payment Service
  Settle bills of over 200 major merchants in Hong Kong by transferring fund from your Bank Accounts or Credit Card. Click here for details and the merchant list.
Credit Card Services
Balance Transfer via PayEasy Enjoy 0% Interest!
Simply login Dah Sing e-banking and select "Balance Transfer via PayEasy " Service. You can settle your Other Banks' Credit Card, Loans, Overdraft balance by transferring funds from your Dah Sing Credit Card.
What's more, you can enjoy 0% interest rate for up to 50-day interest-free repayment period. Act now to save the interest!
1. The transferred amount will be treated as retail purchase, and a service fee of 1% of the transferred amount will be charged.
2. The interest-free repayment period can be as long as 50 days, thereafter, the interest rate will follow the same as your Dah Sing Credit Card used for "Balance Transfer via PayEasy" .
3. "Instant Cash Reward" benefit does not apply to "Balance Transfer via PayEasy" .
4. "Balance Transfer via PayEasy" is only applicable to designated banks' credit cards.
5. Dah Sing UFO Credit Cards cannot be used for "Balance Transfer via PayEasy" .
Online Instalment
Purchase a realm of selective products by interest-free instalment online. Click here for the latest instalment plan
You can enquire your Cash / Bonus rewards and redeem your bonus points online.
Request for Statement
Fixed Deposit
Fixed Deposit Placement
Place / Amend / Cancel Fixed Deposit Maturity Instruction
Uplift of Matured Fixed Deposit
Rate Enquiry
Buy & Sell Foreign Currency
Buy & Sell Foreign Currency Exchange
Rate Enquiry
Investment Fund Services
Now, you can manage your investment funds conveniently at e-banking:
Enquire the fund portfolio of your Investment Fund account
View the recent transaction history of your Investment Fund account
Get a snapshot of the Grand Total Fund Portfolio
Remark : Investments involve risk, price of investment funds can go up as well as down. Customers are required to read thoroughly the related prospectus before making decision. The information is for reference only, which constitute neither invitation nor solicitation to buy or sell any fund.
i-Securities Services
  Dah Sing i-Securities Services adopts AMS/3 to provide you with highest trading efficiency. You can now enjoy a super low commission for trading either via the i-Securities or our 24-hour Securities Hotline.
Update User Profile
  You can login e-banking to change your information at anytime, anywhere:
e-mail address(s)
Corresponding address / phone number(s)
Other Services
Statement Request
Cheque Book Request
Stop Cheque
Cashier Order Application
Demand Draft Application
Change PIN
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For enquiry, please contact our Customer Service Hotline at 2828 8000 during office hour.
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