Dah Sing e-banking Service FAQ

Login e-banking
1. How can I login Dah Sing e-banking Service?

To provide added security for your online banking transactions, you can setup one of the following login methods :

e-banking User ID

You can access the e-banking service simply by entering your e-banking User ID and Personal Identification Number (PIN). e-banking User ID is your Dah Sing Credit Card, Go Smart Card, Debit Card or ATM Card Number.

Digital Certificate

A digital certificate brings you extra security and protects you from unauthorized access to your account(s). You can login the e-banking Service using a digital certificate on diskette, Smart ID card or any other storage media. For FAQs of digital certificate login e-banking Service, please click here.

Moreover, you can change your login method from time to time by simply clicking the corresponding button at the right hand corner of the login screen. Please note that you have to enter your e-banking PIN no matter you login by e-banking User ID or digital certificate.

2. I just opened a Dah Sing Bank account together with the PhoneBanking Service at branch, when can I use the e-banking Service?

The PIN for using Dah Sing e-banking Service will be given upon account-opening. New customers can access the Service with the PIN.

For Credit Card / Cash Card Customers: After the application approval, you will get the e-banking / Phonebanking PIN by post.

For Bank Account Customers: They are given an e-banking/ Phonebanking PIN upon choosing ATM Service at account opening.

3. What should I do if I enter a wrong PIN?
For security reason, your password will be temporarily suspended if you incorrectly key in your PIN for four consecutive times. To re-activated your account, please contact our Customer Service Representatives at 2828 8168 (for Credit Cardholders) or 2828 8000 (for Bank Accounts Customers) during office hours.
4. What can I do if I forget / lost my PIN?
e-banking PIN:
You can click here to regenerate your PIN.
Digital Certificate PIN:
Please contact the Certificate Authority of your digital certificate to regenerate your PIN.
5. Can I change my e-banking User ID and PIN?
  To change your e-banking User ID, you need to visit our branch. Moreover, you may change your password online by select "PIN change".
6. What can I do if the account I used for e-banking User ID is cancelled?
  You have to visit our branch to apply for a new e-banking User ID.